Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications & Copywriting for Business and Nonprofits

Steve writes copy that sings, copy with a voice—your voice—and a point of view based on solid strategy and research.

As a trained writer, he knows the rules, when to break them, and how to make them work for you. The web, for example, is different. Email is different. Executive communications is a niche.

Why let good sales people or development officers shackle themselves to bad writing? Real writing gets inside your head and informs with an authentic, resonant voice.

Steve writes marketing copy for the web, print, and email campaigns. His writing for the web has received over 750.000 hits. Sample assignments include:

• Case statementsCopywriting-sample-use-p
• Direct mail
• Lead-generating emails
• Executive communications
• Brochures
• Speeches
• Presentations
• PowerPoint rewrites
• Web content

A brief email is all it takes to make your project tomorrow’s top priority.






At right, copywriting sample